rega rp 10 pladespiller test rega apheta mc pick up THE EAR

Det er en fornøjelse at læse tests når det flytter noget hos anmelderen.

Denne test af Rega RP-10 pladespilleren med Rega Apheta MC pick-uppen et godt og læseværdigt eksempel på, at her kan grænser også flyttets. God læsning.

Test af Rega RP-10 pladespilleren med Apheta MC pickup og Aria Riaa

"The liveness and dynamics almost get me talking about sound… Dewey Redman’s sax really soars, making massive live sound
but the drums take the biscuit. John Coltrane on So What, OMG! Clear as day, solid as the furniture,
the man is here and now - close your eyes and you’re there"

"Hopefully you will have gathered that I consider this to be one of the very best turntables on
the market. The fact that it costs so little in the context of high end turntables means that it hasn’t
had the attention it deserves."

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